Underwater Photography Gear – My Choices

I dive a Nikon D300 as my underwater camera which I bought in 2017. Next, to the general rave reviews, the main criteria to buy my first D-SLR camera were the price, DX-format chip, good low light performance, and low noise. As of 2018, I am still very happy with the D300. Initially, I used […]

Scuba Diving in Phuket

Adventure sports are breathtaking, thrilling and give you the adrenalin rush. Most adventure sports lovers consider scuba diving in Phuket as a lifetime experience; however, they are well aware of its many dangers as well. Scuba diving in Phuket performed with pre-dive safety gear check and in safe conditions is more enjoyable and risk-free. Let’s learn how! In the […]

How to Get Scuba Certified

If you want to hit the water this year and try scuba diving then you are going to need to get your diving certification.  PADI certification will teach you scuba theory along with how to dive safely.  More importantly without it you won’t be able to dive.  You can get scuba classes all over the […]