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KOH TAO - "The Rock"

Koh Tao is one of S.E.Asia's most popular travellers' spots. Yet just a few years ago, "Turtle Island" was very, very different....

In the 1930's, the Thai government realised the strategic advantage of Koh Tao as a penal colony and started to relocate a number of political prisoners from camps on the west coast to a new facility built on the island. From the island , surrounded for miles by ocean, there was little or no chance of escape.

In 1944 with a change of government, after all prisoners were freed and given an official pardon, the prison camp was closed down. As "regular" people started to arrive, three main settlements emerged and to this day Haad Sairee, Ban Mae Haad and Chalok Ban Kao are still the only main villages on the island.

Unlike neighbouring Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, Koh Tao remained untouched by tourism for many years.

Then, in the late 1980's the first Samui based dive operators began running overnight liveaboard trips and were amazed by what they saw....

Crystal clear waters boasting an amazing array of colour and coral reefs alive with an incredible diversity of marine life. Soon dive operations began re-locating to Koh Tao realizing they had uncovered a wealth of untouched beauty.

Nearly 20 years later, an increase in tourism and growth has seen Koh Tao recognized one of the world's most beautiful islands both above and below the water!

Mae Haad, Koh Tao, Thailand
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